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Team Japan's chocolate chowpiece done by Chef Koji Fujita at the 2008 World Team Pastry Championships once again proved the Japanese are among the best of the best. He was awarded best chocolate showpiece for this masterpiece and in this day he was the besst in the chocolate butterfly showpieceworld. Towering well above 6ft. The piece was both stunning and masterful. Chef Fujitai incorporated many techniques into this piece that was built in front of the judges over a two day period. The piece included a chocolate scorpion (photo right) balancing on a chocolate ball. Near the center of the showpiece was a large butterfly, airbrushed colorfully, next to a large flower. The base somewhat simple was three large chocolate disks to of which had textures on the outside.(probably done with some kind of texture sheets wrapped around the ring shapedmolds). This was a tall and well balanced piece chocolate showpiece baseloaded with technique. The trend this year was height and that can be traced back to the 2006 World Championships where Team Japan raised the bar so to speak and started the trend of building these super tall pieces.

Featured Showpiece

chocolate showpiece by Team Japan at the World Pastry Team Championships
Team Japan's chocolate showpiece from the
2008 WTPC by Koichi Izumi
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