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Team Switzerlands chocolate chowpiece done by Chef Fabian Rimann at the 2008 World Team Pastry Championships was quite impressive and incorporated some interesting techniques.chocolate shopiece technique In the photo to the right you can see some gray balls made to resemble moons or planets. Well this was an older technique revisited an updated. Usually done with coating chocolate and ice to achieve a coral type effect. This time Chef Rimann updated the technique by putting small pieces of ice into the molds and then filling thechocolate showpiece close up molds with chocolate. The chocolate sets quickly and when the ice melts away you are left with spaces where the ice once was. The chocolate balls are then left to dry and then sprayed with a grey cocoa butter.The technique provided a celestial look to a very nice chocolateshowpiece.

by Paul Bodrogi CEPC

Check back soon for more techniques.

The World Pastry Forum is almost here so we posted some pictures from last years forum. We are looking forward to see what is what kind of chocolate work will be going on this year. Team Switzerland chocolate showpiece
Team Switzerland's chocolate showpiece from the 2008 World Team Pastry Championship